ObamaCare Won’t Hurt Jobs or the Economy – Look At Sweden As The Model, He Said

I sometimes get mad when people tell me that socialized medicine is the best way to go. They point to various Nordic countries, and even Canada and the UK as proof of their argument. The taxes in these other countries are too high, and their standard of living is too low, Americans would not be satisfied with that, nor should anyone in the middle class in the United States believe all that nonsense. Folks with money are leaving those other countries, they’re trying to come here, and why do you think that is?It amazes me when people tell me that socialism is the way to go, some of whom even claim they are admitted socialists, and they say that there’s nothing wrong with socialism. That’s just not true, you can ask anyone what runaway socialism is like in places like Argentina, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal. Soon there will be people in Ecuador calling out socialism as well. We don’t need to follow these other nations off an economic cliff.Interestingly enough, there was yet another damning article on Universal Health Care or ObamaCare as we call it in the United States in the Wall Street Journal on February 1, 2013 titled; “Swedish Builder Finds Shelter in US – Skanska CEO Hopes for Lift from Politically Driven Demand for Health-Care Facilities, Clean Energy,” by Niclas Rolander.The most interesting thing is that this company is moving its manufacturing and company offices here to take advantage of our government’s wasteful spending, but why are they moving their production here you ask? Because the taxes are too high to do business in that socialist country for one, and the benefits to labor including health care costs don’t make it feasible to do so. Isn’t that hilarious?Well, maybe this Swedish builder is smart? As long as Obama is giving money away, they may as well come here and get all they can, until one day Obama has to stop spending our nation’s treasury which is already in debt into oblivion. You see, when there is free flowing money socialists line up to get free stuff, and everything works out just fine and dandy until the socialist government runs out of other people’s money to spend.Yep, that’s when all the rats leave the ship, and they head for safe harbors. How long will our harbor be safe with folks like the Obama Administration running us into a socialist tsunami (harbor wave, get it)? Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.