Easy Online Profits! The FASTEST Way to Earn $1000 a Week Online

What is the fastest way to earn an extra $1000 a week online? Is starting a blog the answer? Or, what about selling affiliate products? Is it difficult to earn great money with Google AdSense or contextual advertising? Or maybe I need to become a social media superstar to earn enough to finally quit my day job?Or maybe, like hundreds of thousands of other people out there right now… you are ready to quit, and throw in the towel altogether, and give up on the internet marketing dream once and for all? Any of these questions sound familiar? If they DO… this article was written with YOU in mind.Filed Under: The fastest way to earn an extra $1000 a week onlineThe truth is, the very best way to build a viable, valuable and enduring online business is having something of your own to sell. And in 2013, it’s really not good enough anymore to sell high priced digital products or downloads, simply because the marketplace has shifted 180 degrees in just the last few years. (you can now buy 300 page courses on Amazon for 5 bucks or less, to learn the very same things the “gurus” were charging thousands for in 2009, and more than anything else, that has revolutionized the way we pay to learn, or for information going forward)But, and this is a BIG but…The best way to earn great money has ALWAYS been to take something you love,and have genuine expertise in, and teach it, coach it, train it or mentor it to others who share your PASSION, but don’t have your expertise.I don’t care WHAT Your niche, or area of expertise – it could be cooking, clairvoyance, credit or counseling…The key to have several different levels of service, and the way you deliver them.(both personal and groups)For example — If you can get 10 clients to pay you $100 a week for your services, you are already at your goal (and that’s NOT a hard obstacle to hit).- If you can get 30 people to register for a simple online webinar for $33 each, you are getting your goal as well.If you can do BOTH, which you should… you can either double your income, or do better in one area while you grow the other.Here is ANOTHER easy idea that no one ever tries outside of the “IM” space… yet can explode your business, in a real world marketplace – quite literally overnight.Find a good real world affiliate offer that pays you really generously, and offer your OWN services as a back end bonus for signing up.For example – I know of a psychic service that pays $150 to their affiliates for every referral and the client (or caller) only needs to spend $20. (The psychic service knows that many of the $20 trial readings will translate into thousands of dollars of future revenue, so they offer this great incentive to affiliates).One of my clients, who IS a spiritual/intuitive life coach… offers free sessions to folks who try a trial psychic reading with this service, meaning that she earns $150 as an affiliate, the client gets a free session with her (a $200 savings) AND a low cost psychic reading from someone else to boot.Everybody wins… AND, about 50% of the people who take her up on this offer come back later, or become full time future coaching clients. (Meaning she earns far more than $150 for giving away that initial free session).You are TRULY only limited by your content… and your creativity. There is no box you need to stick yourself in to stifle your sales, or your success. Think wide – think deep and think multiple income channels, and think about doing what you LOVE for a living, and you’ll get there far faster than the “gurus” want you to believe is possible, I promise!

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